Invest in Innovation

Posted on: July 21st, 2017


Beach House Design & Development continually invests in technology to create a more seamless and efficient build process.

With growing responsibilities to manage complex processes, it’s hard to hire for every need. Financial constraints and seasonal job fluctuations make the demand for full-time employees difficult.  By implementing Procore, it has made tasks easier by managing complex workflows and easing the burden of cumbersome processes so our team can do more with less. In addition, Procore’s cloud-based solution was designed to help you reduce paperwork and redundancy, while increasing transparency with our clients and vendors.

Procore allows us to keep everything together. The platform supports the entire lifecycle of every project, housing tools that enable us to organize, track, and collaborate on everything associated with your construction project, from bidding to closeout. Streamlining complex processes helps the entire team work more efficiently, resulting in increased productivity.

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